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Julio Fernandez Baraibar julfb at SPAMsinectis.com.ar
Mon Oct 9 22:59:12 MDT 2000

Thank you very much, dear comrade. Your response is comradely and encouraging.
Julio FB

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A hug to you too, Julio Fernandez!
Nice to hear that you have not been won by imperialists and enemy
classes. This is what I like about Latino friends.... revolutionary
passion is always in you!
Julio Fernandez Baraibar wrote:
> Dear comrades:I have not died. I am still alive. I have not been won
> by imperialism and the enemy classes. I am still socialist and
> antimperialist. The only little problem has been a telephone bill of
> $500 that I have not paid. My hate against the spanish imperialism has
> increased to homeric proportions.Anyway I have been reading the
> messages and participating passively in the lists.Those who read
> spanish can visit www.revistalinea.comI wrote an article about the
> meeting of Southamerican presidents in Brasilia that IMO can be read.A
> hug to everybodyJulio Fernández Baraibar
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