Green Left Foolishness

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Tue Oct 10 09:09:45 MDT 2000

Louis Proyect wrote

> Green Left:
> >The scale of the regime's electoral disaster is huge. In
> >Belgrade, the DOS won 102 of the 110 seats and the regime did not
> >even win all of the remaining seats.
> What kind of unbelievable crap is this. Even the bourgeois press reported
> that the DOS did poorly in the parliamentary elections.

There is a misunderstanding here: GLW is referring to the Belgrade local
elections and not the Yugoslav parliamentary elections.

Generally I think its not so interesting to fight yesterdays battles again.
Certainly we could go on for years telling how good Milosevic was and how
bad Kostunica is (or vice versa), but it will not change anything.

Imperialism has promised each and everything to anyone in Yugoslavia:
Independence for the UCK in Kosovo, independence for Djukanovic in
Montenegro, reconstruction aid for Serbia and a Kosovo that remains part of
Yugoslavia for the Serbian nationalists.

All this is contradictory and imperialists are going to have problems in
swallowing their victory (not to talk about digest it).


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