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  >Not true.  It is the opposite of Marshall plan which provided easy >money to

> >rebuil,d.  This is to be loaned, high interest, money will go to outside
> >companies; these will hire Yugo workers dirt cheap.  THe outside >comapnies
> >will be paid (by Yugos) sky high.  Yugo will sell state property to pay >debt.
>  >Projects will be: things Germany needs rebuilt (especially Danube >Bridges)
> >which gov't said screw you, you bomnbed it, you need it, you re-build >it.
> >So Yugo gets to pay reverse war reparations,
> >jared

I don't dispute over the details. Whatever you say reiterates my points about the
increasing _Americanization_ of Yugoslavia at the expense of Milosovic. If
Serbian people don't resist to this US backed opposition leader Kostunica, Yugo
will eventually become an impoverished  periphery of Europe. EU is already
lifting the sanctions in return for financial aid (2 billion dollars)  to coapt
the country into US/European sphere of influence. Country's economy is being
gradually raped. That was my point, initially.



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