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Tue Oct 10 18:19:29 MDT 2000

On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Louis Proyect crossposted:

> The Toronto Sun , January 19, 1997
> Two major forces have driven this remarkable development. First, the above
> states, led by Poles and Czechs, ruthlessly undertook the acutely painful
> process of "shock treatment:" full privatization, dismantling the welfare
> state, including firing huge numbers of useless bureaucrats and state
> workers. The results are spectacular. Today, the economies of these East
> European states are surging at high-intensity growth rates. Canada could do
> well to emulate the economic sense and political courage of the Poles and
> Czechs.

Leave it to the Sun to print a pack of lies bordering on clinical
psychopathology.  First of all, both the Czech republic and Poland did NOT
privatize everything in sight; they liberalized their economies, got
stomped by market forces -- and promptly re-regulated in 1993-94. Poland
imposed heavy tariffs on imports, the Czechs slowed privatization to a
crawl, and neither country busted up its unions, eliminated its welfare
states, or reduced pensions. Instead, they ran big budget deficits,
devalued their currency, got some debt writeoffs from the big
Eurobanks, and invested in their export industries.

Kwasniewski was reelected with 54% of the vote and says membership in the
EU is the way to go for Poland. I'm beginning to think Canada should apply
for membership in the EU, too.

-- Dennis

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