Philip Ferguson plf13 at SPAMit.canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Oct 10 18:35:06 MDT 2000

>Socialist Alternative:
>This uprising is now of crucial importance and must
>be discussed by CWI members and workers activists and every effort made to
>assist the Serb workers embrace the alternative of a revolutionary
>socialist programme.

>>Louis Proyect:
>>And what kind of efforts are you talking about? Sending email?
>>This kind of pompous pronouncement-mongering is the bane of the Trotskyist
>>movement. It symbolizes the fetish over the word over the deed, as if
>>phrases such as "must be discussed" have any relationship to the real world
>>discussions going on in Yugoslavia. The last thing that will be discussed
>>there is how obscure Trotskyist groups numbering less than 500 members
>>world-wide can affect the imminent swallowing up of a nation of millions by
>>NATO and the IMF.

In New Zealand (and I'm sure elsewhere) we have Trotskyist publications
which have articles on places like Congo, and at the bottom of these there
will be ten demands.  These will include things like calls for a
constituent assembly, the formation of workers', peasants' and soldiers'
soviets, and a workers' militia.  The more ambitious will throw in
something like a socialist federation of African states.

Who these calls are directed at, lord knows!  These publications are read
by a few dozen people in New Zealand and no-one in the Congo.

It's the same now with Yugoslavia and the Trot left.

Apparently a one-line demand like 'Imperialists Hands off', end of story -
something that would be of real help to people in Yugoslavia and also
educate people in the West that it is not our business to work out
'solutions' for people in the rest of the world - is too prosaic for the
would-be architects of world revolution.

Ya gotta love 'em, dontcha?

Philip Ferguson

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