Dumbing Down of the Left (was Re: [Fwd: post S26 (Jim O'Connor)])

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Tue Oct 10 19:16:06 MDT 2000

> > >I do not know if O'Connor's proposal is a viable one.  That said, if
> > >you disagree with O'Connor, Mine, you have to criticize his argument,
> > >instead of a straw man (an argument that he does not make but you
> > >ascribe to him).
> >
> > >Yoshie
>This is not the point. My point is that O Connor does not even mention about
>Yugoslavia in his post although he talks about anti-imperialism. Is
>he sleeping
>when the US is doing its best to get rid of Milosovic ? Is he sleeping when
>Isreali police is torturing Palestinians?  On which planet is he living for my
>sake? Mars?  Seattle demonstrations are of minor importance at the moment. US
>agression against Serbia and Yugo elections are the flash news.
>Shame on him that
>he does not even mention a single  WORD. That is what you get from acedemic
>pundits when they talk about capitalism without talking about imperialism.

If the only point you want to make on this subject of anti-globalist
protests (which are not limited to Seattle at all) is that it is not
worth discussing, perhaps the best course you can take is to ignore

Can you please go easy on sectarianism for one moment?  It is rather
wearisome to see so many people on every left e-list -- not just you
-- trying to out-moralist all of the time.  It's as if the main
reason people post on left e-lists is to shrink the number of people
with whom they can make alliance on _any_ issue.

It seems I am having difficulties having any intelligent -- even
intelligible -- debate on any subject on any of the lists to which I
am subscribed.  There is an appalling level of unwillingness or
inability to engage in discussion based on facts & arguments.  There
is a constant -- almost willful -- determination to misread others'
arguments, create caricature, attack a straw man, reduce analysis to
the level of "but do you support Milosevic?  Hussein?  Putin?"  "Do
you condone genocide?"  "Do you encourage sexual slavery?"  And so
on.  And so forth.  The rhetoric is always akin to "but have you
stopped beating your wife?"  What is this?  The general dumbing down
of the Left???  Perhaps time to unsub from all.


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