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> >I do not know if O'Connor's proposal is a viable one.  That said, if
> >you disagree with O'Connor, Xxxx, you have to criticize his argument,
> >instead of a straw man (an argument that he does not make but you
> >ascribe to him).
> >Yoshie

This is not the point. My point is that O Connor does not even mention about
Yugoslavia in his post although he talks about anti-imperialism. Is he sleeping
when the US is doing its best to get rid of Milosovic ? Is he sleeping when
Isreali police is torturing Palestinians?  On which planet is he living for my
sake? Mars?  Seattle demonstrations are of minor importance at the moment. US
agression against Serbia and Yugo elections are the flash news. Shame on him that
he does not even mention a single  WORD. That is what you get from acedemic
pundits when they talk about capitalism without talking about imperialism.



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