O'Connor thread

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Tue Oct 10 19:40:00 MDT 2000

Louis Proyect wrote:

> Let's just drop this.
> James O'Connor is not on this list so he can not defend the think-piece
> that Carroll posted here, jagged edges and all.
> I personally don't think O'Connor is such a great Marxist thinker. And I am
> sure he is less than a great human being based on the cavalier treatment I
> got at his hands. In any case, O'Connor seems to fit in beautifully on
> Henwood's list, so let's leave LBO-Talk to hash over what he wrote.

O.K. consider me to have plagiarized it and submitted it under my own name. The
general argument is important, whether it is valid or not, and regardless of
anyone's personal opinions of O'Connor. The question of the future of the
anti-globalism movement is rather more interesting than endless chewing over
the history of various trends in the pre-Vietnam Left in the U.S.


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