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Introductory note.  It is admitted in the Western media (AFP, Oct. 8) that
last Thursday's Yugoslav coup was a military operation with a vanguard of at
least 2000 men, many of them armed, planned and organized well in advance. I
urge you to email the Serbian   Socialist Party which is under fierce
physical assault for resisting the coup. It will boost their morale to
receive your messages.   The report below has been confirmed by interviews
conducted by emperor's clothes.  See

Please send statements of support, with as many signers as possible, to
www at

Jared Israel, editor, Emperor's Clothes
[Emperor's Clothes]

October 7, 2000

Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS): INFORMATION FOR THE PUBLIC

In Belgrade and throughout Serbia there is a reign of terror. The attacks on
members of SPS and their property are ceaseless. The method of organization
and the way these actions are executed are completely resembling actions of
Nazi storm-troopers as they have done the same to the leftists at the dawn of
German Nazism. Members of DOS are physically attacking members and leaders of
SPS. They are threatening members and supporters of SPS. The threats are
physical, over the phone. They are threatening women and children of

Skillfully using the dissatisfaction of the workers, DOS is organizing
bullying and
lawless actions of toppling and prosecuting those directors of organizations
who are members of SPS, but only in companies that are well established and
financially successful.

In Kragujevac they have attacked, tied and maltreated ten of our members,
including Ms. Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic. They have maltreated her for ten long
hours in order to make her say, publicly, on TV Ktragujevac, that she
denounces her membership to SPS. As she did not succumb to their threats they
have let her go - right into arms of ruthless, drunken mob. Ten of those
hooligans were slapping her face, kicking her, spitting at her and cursing

In the town of Nish, a worker at electric distribution company, Mr. Dragisa
Vucic, a SPS representative at the town council, was beaten badly. He ended
up in a hospital as his colleagues, some hundred of them were literally
lynching him.

Last night, SPS Belgrade's headquarters was attacked again but this time
there was nothing to steal so they burned the premises - and they are useless
now. In the town boroughs of Palilula, Vracar, Stari Grad and Zvezdara the
SPS offices are totally destroyed and all of value, all the furniture,
computer equipment etc was looted.

In Bor, the headquarters of SPS is demolished.

In Arilje the SPS building was stoned and the entrance door was chopped by an

After their destructive visit to Belgrade, members of DOS in Kikinda attacked
a Club of Young Socialists. They broke the doors and windows but presence of
SPS members in the building prevented them from looting the valuable
equipment of the Internet Club of the Young Socialists. Probably that
equipment was the main reason for the attack in the first place.

In Kovacica, the DOS followers took the SPS flags from the headquarters there
and burned them in the center of the town.

Headquarters at Sremska Mitrovica were vandalized again, for the second
night. This time they have demolished doors and windows to the building.
Yesterday they have broken into SPS building in Pecinci and changed the door
locks on it.
Information on October 6, 2000:

Despite Mr. Kostunica's public proclamations that there will be no revanchism
toward the members and sympathizers of the left - the followers of DOS do not
respect or tolerate an opinion different from their own (which is one of the
most important characteristics of a democracy). In last three days we have
witnessed an avalanche of mindless terror organized by "Democratic
Opposition. (DOS)"

According to the information we have, the SPS offices that were attacked in
which lives of our members were put at jeopardy include headquarters in
Belgrade, Lajkovac, Leskovac, Prokuplje, Vlasotince, Uzice, Aleksinac, Pirot,
Smederevo, Raskoj, Kragujevac, Pancevo, Novi Sad, Temerin, Ada, Kanjiza,
Senta, Sremska Mitrovica, Zrenjanin...

In Belgrade they have robbed and then destroyed the SPS town's headquarters
(take a look at our web album) and then they have done the same with all
At night between 5 and 6th October DOS demonstrators have broken into economy
headquarters in Leskovac. They broke all the windows, stole all computer and
other equipment. Anything they could not carry away they destroyed. They
broke into headquarters of Jablanica County. They demolished the offices,
stole equipment, broke windows and damaged the town building. They looted
anything they could then burned the building, garage and car of major Zivojin

They demolished SPS offices in Prokuplje.

In Vlasotince they demolished the offices of SPS and JUL (Yugoslav United
Left) party.

Demonstrators broke into SPS headquarters in Smederevo, stole everything they
found, plus stole equipment of Radio "S."

Windows were broken on SPS building in Uzice.

In Lajkovac they have demolished peasant bank and cafe. They broke entrance
door of local radio, stole part of the equipment.
They also broke into SPS town headquarters and tried to loot and destroy the
offices but were not able to though out SPS members. They tried the same with
local TV station.

In Kragujevac the demonstrators entered Self-Management Club where SPS
headquarters and TV station is located. The police was able to prevent
greater terror, though.

In Sremsak Mitrovica doors and windows on SPS headquarters were broken.

In Pancevo the SPS sign was ripped off and windows broken.

In Temerin they broke into local radio station and took over.

In Ada, demonstrators led by representatives of organizations of Vojvodina
Hungarian minority attacked the home of town major Tomic Ognjan, respected
teacher. Police was late intervening so the house got severely damaged.

In Zrenjanin, hooligans have broke into party headquarters. They broke doors
and windows.

Home of county major Mr. Ljuba Slijepcevic was attacked. The savagery was
stopped by police.

Despite the assurances of Association of Vojvodina Hungarians that there will
be no attacks, threats or disturbance of people with different opinion, SPS
offices in Kanjiza were attacked. Telephone threats to those who are for
peace and tolerance do not stop. A special target are Hungarians who are
members of SPS.

These disturbing events, verbal threats, use of raw physical force are
present in Vojvodina as well as in the other towns across Serbia where DOS
decided to perform their Bartholomey Nights.

For photo documentation of the destruction click here. (There are several
photographs. Go to 'next' at lower right)
[Emperor's Clothes]

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