Bashing Milosociv: Milomafia

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Tue Oct 10 20:45:13 MDT 2000

Dennis R Redmond wrote:

> >Ah, the poor, helpless MiloMafia. After stripping the state sector >bare,
> >selling out their workers, stomping their neighbors and giving Serb
> >factories to the nomenklatura-turned-Euroklatura, these helpless >victims
> >of declining credit ratings and the inability to count ballots are now
> >bereft of the lucrative levers of state power. Let me know when the
> >humanitarian aid concert is scheduled, OK?

The humanitarian concert is scheduled by people like you who portray the Milosovic
regime Milomafia. Why don't you join the IMF and World Bank forces, Dennis? They
are on the way to imperialize (reform) the Serbian economy on the grounds that the
Milo regime is Mafia. You can consult them. OK?


> -- Dennis


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