Forwarded from Luciano Dondero (suggestion for radical reading list)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Oct 11 07:42:01 MDT 2000

Dear Dave,

I would recommend Jack London's "The Iron Heel".

Being a novel, it can be read easily by just about anyone. Written
in 1907 it is a prescient book about fascism as well as Stalinism.
In 1937 Trotsky had words of praise for it (in a letter to London's

Time and time again, its inspiration is extremely powerful. I have
even heard rumours that Guevara's father might have named his
son Ernesto from the name of the hero in this story. But that may
very well be a nice story that someone made up.

Luciano Dondero

Louis Proyect
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