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A select of Michael Hudson's PUBLICATIONS

Books and Monographs
     Urbanization and Land Ownership in the Ancient Near East (ed. with
Baruch Levine) (Cambridge, Mass: Peabody Museum, 1999).

     Real Estate and the Capital Gains Debate (with Kris Feder), The Jerome
Levy Economics Institute of Bard College, Working Paper No. 187 (March 1997).

     Privatization in the Ancient Near East and Classical Antiquity (ed. with

Baruch Levine) (Cambridge, Mass: Peabody Museum, 1996).

    A Philosophy for a Fair Society (with C. J. Miller and Kris Feder)
(London: Shepheard-Walwyn, 1994).

   The Lost Tradition of Biblical Debt Cancellations (New York: Henry George
School, 1993).

     Trade, Development and Foreign Debt: A History of Theories of
Polarization v. Convergence in the World Economy (London: Pluto Press, 1992,
2 vols.).

     Canada in the New Monetary Order: Borrow? Devalue? Restructure!
(Toronto: Butterworth, 1978).

     Global Fracture: The New International Economic Order (New York: Harper
and Row, 1977), translated into Japanese (1979).

     Economics and Technology in 19th-Century American Thought: The Neglected

American Economists (New York: Garland Press, 1975).

     Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire (New York:
Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1972), translated into Spanish (1973) and
Japanese (1975).

     The Myth of Aid (with Dennis Goulet), (Orbis Books, 1971).
     A Payments-Flow Analysis of U.S. International Transactions: 1960-1968,
NYU, Graduate School of Business Administration, The Bulletin, Nos. 61-63
(March 1970).

Reports for UNITAR (published by Pergamon Press)
     "The Logic of Regionalism in History and Today," "The Objectives of
Regionalism in the 1980s," and "A Regional Strategy to Finance the New
International Economic Order," in Davidson Nicol, Luis Excheverria and
Aurelio Peccei, eds., Regionalism and the New International Economic Order

     "The Structure of the World Economy: A Northern Perspective," in Erwin
Laszlo and Joel Kurtzman, eds., The Structure of the World Economy and
Prospects for a New International Economic Order (1980).

     "The United States and the NIEO," in Laszlo and Kurtzman, eds., The
United States, Canada and the New International Economic Order (1979).

    "How Interest Rates Were Set, 2500 BC - 1000 AD: Máš, tokos and fænus
metaphors for interest accruals," JESHO, Nov. 1999 (in press).

    "Just how did ancient bureaucrats set their interest rates?"
Archaeological Odyssey 2 (July/August 1999):6-7.

    "The Uses and Abuses of Mathematical Economics," Journal of Economic
Studies, Vol. 26 (Summer 1999) [Annual Heilbronn Symposium 1999],

    "The Mathematical Economics of Compound Rates of Interest: A
Four-Thousand Year Overview," Journal of Economic Studies, Vol. 26 (Summer
1999) [Annual Heilbronn  Symposium 1999],

   "The Economic Roots of the Jubilee," Bible Review 15 (Feb. 1999): 26-33,

    "Karl Bücher's Role in the Evolution of Economic Anthropology," [Annual
Heilbronn  Symposium, 1997: Karl Bücher], in press.

    "Land Taxation in Mesopotamia and Classical Antiquity," in Robert
Andelson, ed., Land-Value Taxation Around the World (New York: Robert
Schalkenbach 1998):17-35.

    "Roscher's Victorian Views on Financial Development," Journal of Economic

Studies, Vol. 22 (Spring 1995)[Annual Heilbronn Symposium, 1994: Wilhelm

    "Privatization in History and Today: A Survey of the Unresolved
Controversies," and "The Dynamics of Privatization, from the Bronze Age to
the Present," in Privatization.

    "Land Monopolization, Fiscal Crises and Clean Slate 'Jubilee'
Proclamations in Antiquity," in A Philosophy for a Fair Society:33-79 (also
in Robert C. Hunt and Antonio Gilman, eds., Property in Economic Context,
University Press of America, Monographs in Economic Anthropology, No. 14:

     "The Archaeology of Collapse: A 4000 Year Perspective" (with Fred
Harrison, in A Philosophy for a Fair Society):7-31.

     "Did the Phoenicians Introduce the Idea of Interest to Greece and Italy
-- And if So, When?" in Gunter Kopcke, ed., Greece Between East and West:
10th-8th Centuries BC
(Berlin: 1992):128-143.

     "State-capitalist vs. Private-enterprise Imperialism," paper delivered
at the Sept. 1973 meeting of the American Political Science Association.

     "Obsolescent Factors in the International Economy," Review of Social
Economics, March 1972 (paper delivered at the 1971 meeting of the Association

for Social Economics).

    "Latin America's Role in U.S.-European Diplomacy," Cross Currents, XXI
(Summer 1971).

    "Does Economics Deserve a Nobel Prize?" Commonweal, XCIII (Dec. 18,

    "Review of the Pearson Report: Partners or Pawns?" Commonweal, XCII
(March 17, 1970).

    "Financing the World Empire," Commonweal, XCI (Nov. 21, 1969.)
    "Epitaph for Bretton Woods," Journal of International Affairs, XXIII
(Winter 1969).
    "The Sieve of Gold," Ramparts, May-June 1968.

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