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 [I might have been guilty of dismissing Xxxx Xxxxxx's CWI communique too
 hastily yesterday. Although his post had nothing empirical to back up his
 claims of a workers revolt, I have found numerous accounts in today's
 dispatches that refer to exactly such a thing. It would appear to be
 something that Kostunica and his western allies would be anxious to squelch
 since it has all the earmarks of true proletarian resistance to both
 capitalism and the kind of NEP-man corruption that marked the Milosevic
 years.] >>

This is based on disinformation.  Yugoslav society is of course not utopia
but the DOS terror is NOT by some miracle turning into a workers revolt.

What is going on is that the Belgrade mafia, linked closely to the Russian
mob, and described in the press as workers - after all, the press can call a
peach a grapefruit, can't they? and don't they? didn't they make up the
atrocities against Albanians? - plus some workers, seduced by promises of
rapid "promotion" have seized the more profitable enterprises.  This is the
classic pattern in eastern europe/Russia.  The difference here is that the
socialist party is not a demoralized force; it is full of very decent people.

Some few rank and file workers are involved and some are intimidated and most
 are opposed to the attacks and some get beat up - but the dynamic here is
consolidation of power/terror.

I know some details from talking to activists over there and the press is
telling a lot of lies about the situation. However, an AP story today (>?)
does admit that DOS is present in these situations,

  The description of the socialist party people in Soviet terms is mistaken.
This is a party which has recruited mainly SINCE the fall of Tito.  Tito's
apparatchuks are mainly in Djindjic's Democratic Party.  They want their cozy
lives back; they expect the US to give it to them, just as some former "reds"
are helping to run Bulgaria (into the ground).

The SPS in Yugoslavia includes a large percentage of people who are truly
dedicated.  Otherwise there is no way to explain their resistance to the US.
Milosevich (meaning they) could have folded long ago and run Yugoslavia for
the Americans til the year 10,000.

What they have been very bad at is education and communications.  The
suffering of ordinary people and the fact that the government is NOT simply
socialist, but a kind of mixture of socialism and anti-imperialist
bourgeoisie has allowed the US controlled "independent" media to
demagogically attribute all suffering to excesses by SPS members.  That is
very similar to the old fascist method, of blaming suffering on Jews (some of
whom were visibly well off).  And of course some workers DID join in the
seizing of "Jewish" companies -- but this was NOT a workers revolt, and
similarly this is NOT a workers revolt in Yugoslavia.  It is the opposite.

The key point here is this is a terrorist effort to a) intimidate the 600,000
TO.  They especially want to intimidate intellectuals and leading workers and
b) to consolidate control over the crucial institutions in Yugoslav society.
My info is that in these instances the US controlled elements are in the
lead.  (As I said the Western press occasionally lets slip that that is the

To the extent that ordinary people go along with it - and my evidence is that
the vast majority DO NOT  -  and indeed, the organized terror forces, whose
role is to be overseers under the US that is keeping the workers down - to
the extent that ordinary people go along with DOS they do so either out of
exhaustion with fighting fighting fighting and no end in sight and therefore
wanting desperately to believe "it can all be over" - that is more a middle
class than a working class response - or  because of what a friend over there
told me he had been told by a DOS organizer: "We're going to win.  Do you
want to be a total loser and maybe dead?"

Please read the articles on emperors clothes!!


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