Bryan Palmer

sol dollinger soldoll at
Wed Oct 11 13:15:03 MDT 2000

Isn't it amusing to prick the thin skinned academics and see them bleed with
a concoction of fact and fantasy.

I never heard of Bryan Palmer until he and a friend came to visit me. I
never suggested that the sole purpose of his visit was to see me and he made
it clear that he included me on his list at the suggestion of Bernie
Goodman, an old comrade  who I have known since 1936.  Palmer  had spoken to
Goodman in New York and it was Bernie who suggested  Palmer interview me..

Bryan raised the question of Cannon's drinking. I thought it strange that he
came across the country to ask this rather asinine question.  I made a
defense of Cannon on the grounds I had never seen him inebriated , a bit
high, at a party social at the most..

Bryan Palmer is  working on Cannon's biography and I suppose had to explore
this minor question. But the truth is he raised the matter. A biographer
should get his facts straight.

Sol Dollinger

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