More on the myth of the workers' revolt

Borba100 at Borba100 at
Wed Oct 11 13:50:12 MDT 2000

The New World ORder gives sometehing for everyone.  E.g., Women in black, a
front for the US government, disguised as a peace and women's rights group.
Now it's talking about KosovA .

One example is the free" trade unions set up by the National Endowment for
Democracy and USAID - that is, by the US government - with the assistance of
Mr. Sweeney at the AFL-CIO.  These groups are pro-worker in verbiage, pro-US
in content. Is this so unheard of?  Isn't this done by the US all over the
world?  And sure, one can then mobilize workers and direct their rage against
national elements who may be well off, etc., etc., but who are patriotic.

As is always the case (including in the US, from my experience talking to
trade union militants here) in the New World Order outright gangsterism can
co-exist with a veneer of militancy or even "progressive" arguments.  Of
course this is really nothing new, just a newly painted surface.  Hoffa at
the Teamsters represents an open mixture of real gangsterism and seeming
militancy.  And wasn't the charge against Carey, who really was militant,
corruption?  And there was even SOME truth in the charge (though it was
probably a set up, since it involved Mike Ansara, who I know all too well
from Harvard student days, and who conveniently did the illegal corrupt
things that Carey was then hung for...)

Back to Yugo - they have supposedly 300,000 members in the US controlled, and
gangster-connected unions in Serbia.  What then does it take to stage some
showy "workers' actions" to confuse the progressive wing of the antiwar


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