A Thought

john hunter gray hunterbear at SPAMif.rmci.net
Wed Oct 11 16:18:12 MDT 2000

A Thought (and a good word for Bryan Palmer, among others)   I came to Marxism
Digest recently and I like it a lot.  I certainly don't shy from rhetoric,
whether it's faculty meeting, union hall, or Native (Indian) centre -- all of
which are familiar pieces of turf for me.  Not coming from a Trotskyist
background and perspective, I'm not up on all of the historic and contemporary
intricacies in that arena of tribal warfare.  But I do have some understanding
of it all, would've very much liked to have gotten to the recent New York
conference, and appreciate the various analyses of the affair.   And I heartily
welcome the discussion, relatively sparse as it's been herewith, of Bert Cochran
et al. and  The American Socialist -- especially because that good effort offers
some valuable insight into "what is to be done?" as we plunge ahead into the
21st.   And there are certainly other insights, historic and contemporary, which
present much that's valuable.  As someone with more Canadian roots than those in
the 'States, I should add that I have very substantial respect for Bryan Palmer,
his commitment to the struggle, and his many positive contributions --
well-known in Canada, as elsewhere.  I look forward to his biography of Cannon. 
With respect to that, and to the work of many others, I trust there will be no
end of valuable directional arrows as we all blaze a trail toward the Sun on a
thoroughly tortured planet where the sanguinary winds blow hard from the Four
Directions.   In Solidarity - John Hunter Gray, Idaho  

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