[Fwd: Conference on American Trotskyism: some reflections (fwd)]

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Wed Oct 11 13:51:29 MDT 2000

Bryan Palmer:
I would have many critiques of the conference, not the least of which wold
be the extent to which non-Trotskyists suchas Proyect were allowed an
inordinate space to expound on their views while the traditions, legacies
and experience of Trotskyism were given less time than they deserved. As
one of four organizers of the conference I take responsibility for this
deficiency, but the outcome was in some senses overdetermined by a series
of forces that are not germaine to this discussion.

I have a feeling that this means I might not get an invitation to speak at
the next conference. Oh well, as Groucho Marx once said, "I would never
join a club that would stoop so low as to invite somebody like myself."

Louis Proyect
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