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Dear Louis,
I am attaching here the material that Richardson recommends on the dire
effect of Zinovievism on the Trotskyist movement. Some I am sure is
familiar to you bit other stuff won't be. I shall be doing a report on the
NY conference for the journal though I shall be a bit more polite than in
my emails.
I still have not been able to contact Dave Bruce who knows the full story
of the copyright business between New Park and Pathfinder. What a horrible
little sect the SWP (USA) is!

Ted Crawford

These would be the main documents that Richardson recommends about Cannon &

1. Emile Fabral, "Prelude to Stalinism" Promethée, Nos 1989-Jan 1990,
"The French Communist Party and Trotsky". Promethée Summer 1989

2. The articles by Rosmer from La Revolution Prolétarienne reprinted by La
republique prolétarienne in the pamphlet, "L'exclusion de Rosmer, Monatte,

3. Cannon, The 1st 10 years of American Communism, pp.186-7

4. Walter Kendall, Review of Spartacist collection of Cannon's writings in
Journal of Trotsky Studies, no.2, pp.225-231

5. Al Richardson review of same book Revolutionary History Vol.V , no.1

6. The Bureaucratisation and Destruction of the Party by Antoine Clavez
(from Promethée no.3, December1989-January 1990, pp11-16. Al Richardson has
done a rough translation of these pages and as soon as I have them on my
machine I will send them to you. They are very interesting but not for
publication at the moment on anything except letters on the web, email etc.
One problem is that the quotations have not been checked. Richardson is
coming to the same conclusion as Clavez - that is there were two waves of
expulsion of Trotskyists from the CPs, the second one was of course the
Zinovievists who had helped expel the previous lot.

What I find fascinating is that all the hateful behaviour that one has seen
in organisations to which one has belonged is clearly shown her not to be
Trotskyists but Zinovievite.

Louis Proyect
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