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Chris Brady chris_brady at SPAMearthling.net
Wed Oct 11 15:36:12 MDT 2000

The last time I was in Toronto I saw that The Toronto Sun was a tabloid
that displayed a full page photo of a babe in a bikini every day, as
well as copy that looked like it was copied from the style manual of the
New York Post, alliterative headlines and all. Any Torontonians on this
list? Is the Sun owned by that reactionary millionaire Conrad Black?
His wife is one of his papers' top opinion mongers, and from what I
understand she is from right-wing Eastern European family, and her
vituperative essays fall right in line.

Toronto has a large population of Eastern Europeans who came over after
World War II, many of whom were DPs (Displaced Persons), and some of
those were from the Hungarian fascists who sided with the Nazis, or
from the Ukrainian fascists who rewrote their national anthem to bless
Adolph Hitler, or were Poles who supported Pilsudski, or simple
anti-Semites looking for a better living across the sea.  DO NOT
interpret this to mean I accuse all Eastern Europeans living in
Toronto to be Nazis on the lam! By far most seemed to be just
shell-shocked refugees from a war that raged into their inocent
lives and murdered loved-ones and lovers. Many, of course, had fled
the Reds.  But I knew kids whose uncles or whatever WERE Reds.
These kids yelled class-oriented insults against other kids, e.g.:
 "kulack!"  But this indicates that a right-wing community did exist,
and I think maybe the Sun played to them with that bit about the great
successes in Eastern European "free" enterprise.
For another interpretation of what went down in E. Europe, see the
recent posting from AP (NOT a socialist fan club) that Louis called:
"What lies in store for Yugoslavia", i.e.,
Report: E. Europe Kids Impoverished

Chris Brady

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