Interview with Fidel Castro

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Wed Oct 11 21:45:33 MDT 2000

Richard Fidler wrote:

> Well, this is admittedly a bit embarrassing. I guess that's part of the overhead
> you pay when the same personage is head of state, head of the government, head
> of the army and head of the party. Pay attention, José. Diplomacy and revolution
> make bad bedfellows.... So do diplomacy and historical accuracy.

Yes, the Castroists in Canada have been awfully quiet about Castro's
visit even though it's his first to Canada since 1959. The Communist
League (SWP branch in Canada) had a forum on Trudeau and the War
Measures Act last week... I wish I'd gone and asked them about Castro's
laudatory comments about Trudeau:)

>     <>
> I think this is what is called an "urban legend". There is no truth to it, of
> course. However, there is a true story about the earlier Trudeau that Comrade
> Fidel probably knows about, but would prefer not to relate.
> In the early years of the revolution, the Cuban government, usually through the
> Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), invited many prominent
> political activists from other countries to visit Cuba at Havana's expense to
> view its achievements and, it was hoped, publicize them upon their return home.
> I, as a university student, was one such guest in the winter of 1963 along with
> a New Democratic (Labour) Party member of the British Columbia legislature
> (Cedric Cox, later a Maoist) and a number of Communist party leaders and
> trade-union supporters. Some of us wrote and lectured about our experiences, and
> the Cubans were so pleased with a pamphlet I co-authored that they purchased
> 5,000 copies for distribution through their foreign embassies!

I have that pamphlet! It's called "Three who saw Cuba" or something
along those lines and was released by the Fair Trade for Cuba Committee
in Canada. I picked it up a few years ago for $1 during one of the
Pathfinder Bookstore moving sales.

BTW Richard, you mentioned a few weeks ago you'd contribute something
about your years in the Canadian Trotskyist movement. I'm be quite
interested to see that.



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