Workers DO NOT assert themselves in Yugoslava

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Wed Oct 11 16:24:39 MDT 2000

Mr. Jared,

Thanks you for expose imperilism crime in Yugoslovia.
I visit your very good page for information. Many
people in western left confuse about event there.
Actually it is counter revoltion coup de etat. One
reason is lie and lie of western TV, newspaper, radio.
Just like Hitler Germany. This confuse left in west.

But another reason is left is theoreticaly weak after
going away from clasical Marxism: Marx, Lenin and Mao.
The do not understand imperilism. Also, there seem
to be deep theoretical error in Trotsky followers. They
do not know real reason for Soviet collaspe except they
blame Stalin and rise of bureucracy. But this is
subjective argument - no naterial reason by them. So
just like before when western capitalist demonise
Stalin, many people of western left also join in and
sing same song. Today when western media demonise
Milosvic, some left (some Trotsky follower) also
join in similar song and some call him Stalinist.
And sometime they beat on both side of drum. Strange
to see. Same problem with anarchy philosophy. They
are weak in theory or have wrong theory to understand
world. Many worker who have not read this wrong theory,
they understand more clear of what happen.

Western left do no understand contradiction. Good
wish for your dedicateion to oppressed people.


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