Woods on Serbia Conspiracy Theoris (or what's the US have to DO to qualify?)

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 After the overthrow of Milosevic, we are now informed that it was all
 the result of a conspiracy. The same story was put forward ten years ago
 to explain  the overthrow of Ceaucescu in Romania. T >>

The US created an entire apparatus of Western funded organizations - trade
unions, newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, political parties, election
monitoring groups, phony women's and peace groups and student groups and -
virtually an entire US funded society.  They could put it in a museum  - LATE
TWENTIETH CENTURY IMPERIO-MAN.  Whereas previous human cultures might be
known for the tools they used, this IMPERIO-MAN found in abundance in Beograd
from 1990-2000 is known FOR BEING USED AS A TOOL.

I mean the US created these groups, they and the Germans funded these groups,
they met with these groups, they openly discussed the problems running these
groups and when they "won" the US congratulated these groups.  The times said
money was shipped in BY THE SUITCASE.

What do these poor guys have to do to qualify as conspirators?


Here is a little taste of the feel of this "radical coup":

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