Dumbing Down of the Left (was Re: [Fwd: post S26 (Jim O'Connor)])

L. Beaver & G. Harley foxpoint at SPAMistar.ca
Wed Oct 11 18:46:44 MDT 2000

>Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 20:58:55 -0400
>From: Yoshie Furuhashi <furuhashi.1 at osu.edu>
>Subject: Dumbing Down of the Left (was Re: [Fwd: post S26 (Jim O'Connor)])

>It seems I am having difficulties having any intelligent -- even >
>intelligible -- debate on any subject on any of the lists to which I
>am subscribed.  There is an appalling level of unwillingness or
>inability to engage in discussion based on facts & arguments.  There
>is a constant -- almost willful -- determination to misread others'
>arguments, create caricature, attack a straw man, reduce analysis to
>the level of "but do you support Milosevic?  Hussein?  Putin?"  "Do
>you condone genocide?"  "Do you encourage sexual slavery?"  And so
>on.  And so forth.  The rhetoric is always akin to "but have you
>stopped beating your wife?"  What is this?  The general dumbing down
>of the Left???  Perhaps time to unsub from all.

I hope this is a moment of pure frustration that will pass. Cause
I just read your post about _Benito Cereno_ and it gave me such a
surge of personal energy that I rarely get from simply reading.
I've been a lurker/occasional poster
with this group since spoons, even before there was an m-one. I
count you among the regulars who inspire me as a marxist and as a
human. It's a lonely lefty world out there. Without you and Louis
and Carrol and others, I'd surely pitch it in. The talk on here
challenges me with analysis that I can access nowhere else in my
daily life. I'd contribute more often, but I rarely have anything
to add, 'ceptin' questions.

Thanks, chin up comrade,
Gay Harley

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