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Hi Lou!

Please post this.

I want to thank you for posting the very conflicting accounts of events in

I think that there now can be no doubt, taking all of these accounts into
account, that a democratic revolution is occurring against Milosevic's
corrupt, pro-imperialist, and decadent regime.

The working class has decisively entered the struggle against Milosovice
and the decrepit bureaucracy.

A "February Revolution" has taken place - but in a decrepid and senile
workers state.

But there is no revolutionary leadership. And communism as a whole is
historically discredited as a failure for humanity.

Under these conditions imperialism - whose wits have been sharpened by
victory and experience - has FOR THE MOMENT - and paradoxicalically and
ironically, taken the leadership of a revolution that at its root is really
directed against imperialism.

Can the Serbian working class overcome this historic contradiction?


They are in a far better position to do so than the Polish workers were
with the experience with Solidarity.

Yugoslavia made its own revolution against fascism. The Polish revolution
against fascism was defeated. They were saved from the Nazis only by the
invading Russian armies - and Russia was the historic opressor of Poland.
Yugoslavia managed to defeat the Nazis mostly on their own - and under the
leadership of Serbia, and under the leadership of Communists - albeit

What will happen next?

The role of the Serbian workers will be decisive. We may be at a turning
point, where world events take a decisive turn for the better.

Belgrade and Jerusalem are at the vanguard.


Louis Proyect
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