Interview with Fidel Castro

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<<I have that pamphlet! It's called "Three who saw Cuba" or something
along those lines and was released by the Fair Trade for Cuba Committee
in Canada. I picked it up a few years ago for $1 during one of the
Pathfinder Bookstore moving sales.>>

Actually, the title is "Four Canadians Who Saw Cuba", and it comprised laudatory
accounts by Cedric Cox, me, John Glenn and Charles Biesick. Glenn, like me, was
a member of the (Trotskyist) League for Socialist Action (LSA); Biesick was a
columnist in the Prairie New Democrat, an NDP house organ.

Xxxx may have in mind a later pamphlet: "The Real Cuba as three Canadians saw
it", which included an interview I conducted with Michel Chartrand, the leader
of the Quebec Socialist Party, and articles by Verne Olson, chair of the Fair
Play for Cuba Committee, and John Riddell, a university student. Verne was a
former Trotskyist and LSA sympathizer. Riddell was later secretary of the LSA
and still later an editor of a Pathfinder Press book series on the Communist
International in Lenin's time (which was apparently aborted after publishing
four or five volumes during the 1980s).

The Fair Play for Cuba Committee published a lot of pamphlets in the early years
of the Cuban Revolution. It also organized tours to Cuba, including working
tours by university students, and was the Canadian distributor for Granma and
other Cuban publications. The FPCC merits a historical account in its own right;
it did some sterling work to publicize and defend the revolution in Canada.

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