Social Darwinism,Capitalism, Genetics and Genetic Testing.

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After this world had witnessed the extermination of American Indians,
Jews, Blacks and Third World nations in the hands of Social Darwinists
and experimental anthropologists, today the bourgeois genetic science is
still continuing to spread its scientific propaganda in the name of
finding a solution to "hereditary disease risks" .

Interesting daily article on the relation between insurance companies,
genetics and genetic testing from The Guardian.

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The Guardian, Thursday October 12, 2000

Genetic tests to be used in setting premiums

Jessica McCallin on the government's decision to allow insurance
companies to set premium levels based on hereditary disease risks

The government is tomorrow expected to confirm the reliability of  tests
for the hereditary disease Huntingdon's and give insurers the go-ahead
to use the results when setting premium levels for sufferers.

This will be the first ruling of the Genetics and Insurance Committee,
set up in April 1999, and will pave the way for other genetic tests to
be approved.

At present, the insurance industry does not ask people to take genetic
tests as a condition for cover, but its code of practice states it may
use the results of tests for seven diseases, including Huntingdon's,
Alzheimers and breast cancer, providing they were carried out prior to
the person applying for insurance.

The GAIC's approval of the test would mark an endorsement of the
insurance industry's approach, but is likely to fuel controversy
surrounding the issue, with opponents claiming people with a hereditary
genetic condition will be penalised through higher premiums. Huntingdon
sufferers pay two or three times as much for insurance.

The disease affects an estimated one in 20,000 people. Future rulings on
more widespread diseases, such as breast cancer, will have a much wider
impact if the GAIC says insurers can use test information.

Most insurers charge higher premiums for genetic pre-dispositions, but
some refuse to extend cover if they decide a person is too much of a
risk. Alternatively, they may decide to offer cover but only if the
insurance policy is modified to fit a person's circumstances. For
example, a 30 year old Huntingdon's sufferer may be offered a 10 year
life insurance policy if his father didn't start developing signs of the
disease until his 40's.

If, against expectations, the GAIC rules the test for Huntingdon's is
not reliable enough for insurance purposes, the Association of British
Insurers said it will instruct its members to stop using the test and
refund excess premiums.


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