(17:15) IDF smashes Palestinian targets

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Thu Oct 12 12:34:45 MDT 2000

The Jerusalem Post


Thursday, October 12 2000 17:35 13 Tishri 576

(17:15) IDF smashes Palestinian targets

Arieh O'Sullivan

Crashing down like an iron fist,  Israeli helicopter gunships blasted
Palestinian police targets in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in
retaliation for the lynching murder of two IDF reservists earlier today.

The air force fired at least four rockets in the West Bank city of
Ramallah, hitting the Palestinian police headquarters and other targets,
the army said. "This action is a symbolic message to the Palestinian
Authority that the IDF will not quietly accept violent actions," an IDF
statement said.

The army confirmed that two reservists had lost their way and entered
Palestinian territory where they were detained by Palestinian police.
They were then brought to the city center where an angry mob killed them
in cold blood, the army said.

The IDF also called on the Palestinians to cease all violence and
incitement causing it.

Later, IAF helicopters attacked targets in Gaza City.

The IDF Spokesman issued a statement flatly denying reports that the
helicopters had targeted Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's house or
headquarters. "It chose its targets very carefully," the statement said.

It also denied reports that IDF troops had crossed into
Palestinian-controlled territory.

The army, which has been beefing up its forces for over a week, deployed
tanks around every major Palestinian city in the West Bank. It has not
only enforced a closure of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but has
isolated the cities from each other, preventing the Palestinians from
moving in or out of their pockets of control.

In Gaza, which is already fenced off, the Navy imposed a blockade.


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