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>MID-EAST REALITIES - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 10/12 - 8:30 AM:
>Israeli tanks, artillery, and gunships are preparing at this time to
>seige the
>major Palestinian city of Ramallah, just north of Jerusalem.  Pleas are
>from Palestinians by email and phone to do something to prevent what
>they fear
>will be a massacre.  The following brief comments explain the use of
>"Death Squads", further explaining Palestinian attitudes toward the
>Israeli soldiers. >
>"The continuos human rights violations  of the belligerent Israeli
>Occupation Forces proves that they persist to continue their aggressive
>attacks against the Palestinian civilians. They, as well as the Jewish
>settlers, continue to shoot at the Palestinian civilians. In this
>context, the Undercover Units of the Israeli Occupation Forces have been
>involved heavily in the recent wave of the Israeli aggression against
>the Palestinians. The Undercover Units were formed, for the first time,
>during the Intifada (1987-1994). These Units constitute the (Death
>Squads) of the Israeli army. They disguise themselves as Palestinians
>and enter Palestinian areas to kill Palestinians.
>Today, a group of the Israeli Undercover Units/ Death Squads entered
>the city of Ramallah in the West Bank to kill Palestinians. Two of
>them were killed in the city. The circumstances of the incidence are
>not clear yet. In such a situation, there is a very high possibility
>that the Israelis, either soldiers or settlers or both, will try to
>take revenge, which can take the form of massive massacres."

>                                JEWISH SETTLERS ACCUSED IN GRISLY
>                                                  by Hisham Abdallah
>  RAMALLAH, West Bank, Oct 9 (AFP) - Palestinians accused Jewish settlers
>  torturing and murdering a West Bank man in the latest in a disturbing
>wave of
>attacks by Israeli
>  civilians against Palestinians and other Arabs.
>  Issam Joudeh Hamad, 38, was killed overnight and his body dumped near
>the West
>Bank town
>  of Ramallah, becoming one more victim of more than a week of
>violence that
>  has claimed the lives of almost 100 people.
>  Hospital sources said Hamad had been shot, his skull and several bones
>and his body
>  scarred with cigarette burns, but earlier reports from eyewitnesses
>that his
>eyes had been ripped
>  out could not be confirmed.
>  A Fatah official from Hamad's village of Um Safaa, Hisham Abu Myriam,
>said the
>man was
>  driving near his home when he was arrested by Israeli soldiers and then
>away to the
>  nearby settlement of Hallamish.
>  His body was found the day after in a field not far from the
>  The Israeli army said however that Hamad was killed in a car accident.
>  Colonel Gal Hirsh, military commander for the central region that
>covers the
>West Bank, told
>  AFP, "He was driving very fast and his car rolled over a few times."
>  "Yesterday was Yom Kippur (the holiest day in the Jewish calendar) and
>my forces
>did not
>  move at all," Hirsh said. "I condemn what the Palestinians are doing
>with this
>story, using it to
>  try to set fire" to the situation.
>  Palestinians say Jewish settlers have committed numerous acts of
>vandalism and
>harassment in
>  parts of the West Bank and in the Arab districts of Jerusalem.
>  "They are waging criminal acts against our citizens and the Israeli
>must act
>  immediately to bring them to an end," Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat
>reporters in Gaza.
>  Mustapha Bargouthi of the Palestinian Medical Relief Committee said
>there had
>been 35 attacks
>  by settlers against Palestinians in the past few days, but did not
>  "We are facing a campaign by settlers in the full view and knowledge of
>Israeli army and the
>  government," he said.
>  Palestinian human rights group LAW said settlers, often armed with
>had been attacking
>  Palestinians and their property over the past two days.
>  "This has often occurred in sight of the Israeli army," LAW said,
>adding that
>it considered the
>  shooting of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers had "opened the door" for
>to add to the
>  bloodshed.
>  Members of Israel's Arab population -- Palestinians who remained after
>the creation
>of the
>  Jewish state in 1948 -- complain too that they are subjected to attacks
>by both
>Israeli civilians
>  and police.
>  Arab Israeli MP Azmi Bishara called for UN chief Kofi Annan to
>intervene to
>stem an
>  "escalation of violence" against the nation's Arab minority after a
>by a mob of young
>  Jews against Arab residents of Nazareth.
>  The attacks left two Arab Israelis dead and many more wounded.
>  "Since the commencement of what has come to be known as the al-Aqsa
>we have been
>  living in a grave state of danger," Bishara said in a letter to Annan,
>due in
>the region later in a bid
>  to quell the bloody unrest.
>  "Since the Israeli authorities are unable to offer us protection, but
>are the perpetrators of
>  the violence directed against us, I see no choice but to ask you to
>meet with
>us and call upon the
>  international community to intervene on our behalf,' said Bishara.
>  Twelve Arab Israelis have been killed, most in violent clashes with
>police as
>they demonstrated
>  against the fighting in the West Bank and Gaza Strip sparked by a visit
>by Israeli
>  leader Ariel Sharon to a disputed holy site in Jerusalem.
>  Israeli Jews have attacked Arab citizens, burning business
>establishments, descrating
>a mosque in
>  the Galilee and stoning the home of Bishara himself in Nazareth, the MP
>  Israeli peace group Gush Shalom charged that the two killed in the
>attacks in Nazareth
>  were victims of a "pogrom" by a mob of 1,000 Jews.
>  "The police stood aside and did not interfere, but when inhabitants of
>rushed to defend
>  themselves the police attacked them -- first with tear gas and later
>with live
>ammunition," the
>  group said in a statement.
>  At the funeral of the men Monday several Arabs were injured in renewed
>with the police.
>  On Sunday, the chief rabbi of Israel's Ashkenazi Jews, Israel Lau,
>the wave of
>  attacks against the Arabs, saying: "It is impermissible for people to
>take justice
>into their own
>  hands and mistreat Arabs."

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