Interview with Fidel Castro re. PET

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Thu Oct 12 13:36:00 MDT 2000

Fidel Castro sure has his finger on the pulse of the media-manipulated
memories most Canadians have of recently deceased Pierre Elliot
Trudeau.  Castro lauded Trudeau, really laid it on thick.  By stroking
their precious recollections --associated by many older Baby Boomers
with a time when they were, like twistin Pierre in the Sixties, so much
groovier-- Fidel flattered the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation into
carrying his more important ideas and facts about Cuba to the Canadian
people --and to US citizens along the Canadian border.

But Marxists know Trudeau was no socialist saint.  Far from it.
That petulant Pierre violated the rights of the Quebecois is history
that should be more widely acknowledged.  That he used federalism and
nationalism to obscure the economic realities of class should be
examined more closely and more publicly.  That he used anti-Americanism
to cover-up home-grown Canadian capitalist exploitation of the natural
and human resources of his country may only go into the history books
when Canada, Kebeck, the First Nations and the rest of the Western
Hemisphere join the socialist world now regestating (as in prior to
rebirth). For whatever Machiavellian reasons, however, Trudeau did
refuse to kowtow to US imperialist pressure to goose-step with the
forces of anti-Castroism.  Castro and Cuba appreciate that.  Is it
any wonder?  It did not stop them from sending troops to Angola.
Or doctors to Nicaragua.  Of keeping the most materially egalitarian
society in the Western Hemisphere intact for four decades despite
US imperialism's siege, the tremendous, incessant, looming threat and
real acts of violence that Trudeau somehow dodged. It may show the
importance of Canada to the empire that the center would tolerate such

Chris Brady

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