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The running dog is barking on command.

 SCMP     Friday, October 13, 2000

            Dalai Lama sees Yugoslav hope

                ASSOCIATED PRESS

                The overthrow of Slobodan Milosevic in
                Yugoslavia shows that China, too, must follow
                the global trend towards democracy, the Dalai
                Lama said yesterday.

                "China has to go along with the world trend,"
                the Buddhist spiritual leader, who fled his
                homeland in 1959, said.

                "There is no future for totalitarian systems.
                The uncertainties in today's Yugoslavia will
                come to a rest in a few days because it is the
                will of the people. This is what is needed in

                "I am not seeking independence, but a high
                degree of autonomy for Tibet within the
                People's Republic [of China] to cover all of
                Tibetan territory, for the preservation of the
                Buddhist culture, of the Tibetan language, and
                to protect the environment," he said.

                The Dalai Lama, on his sixth visit to Hungary
                since 1982, also said he expected "more
                freedom, more rule of law, and more
                elections" in China, appreciating the country's
                drive "for stability and unity. But unity under
                the gun is not good, not the road to stability."

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