Don't be fooled by Yugo Coup "Government" Posturing

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  ueber  Don't be fooled by Yugo Coup "Government" Posturing

B> Kostunica was 'approved' as President by the Yugoslav Constitutional
B> Court in a
B> situation where a mob straight out of Roman history (but even better
B> than Rome cause they had cellular phones) had already gutted
B> parliament, looted everything possible, and had beaten resisting
B> officials. That is, the Court gave its approval in a very dangerous
B> situation.

   Your slanders are really disgusting. Your have to make up your
mind, if you want to defend the (working) people of Yugoslavia against
imperialist pressure, including the right to form a government as the
people of Yugoslavia themselves want to build, or if you want to
defend the stalinist gangsterism of Milosevic against the people of

   Just note that your hero himself has recognized Kostunica as the
new president of Yugoslavia. And please note that Kostunica is in
office not by his election victory, which nobody denies, but on the
basis of the popular rebellion, which was provoked by the police
attacks against the striking miners.

   If you take the anti-war slogan "Hands off Yugoslavia" serious, you
should change the direction of your fire and aim at imperialism, not
at the Yugoslav people.

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