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    Just note that your hero himself has recognized Kostunica as the
 new president of Yugoslavia. And please note that Kostunica is in
 office not by his election victory, which nobody denies, but on the
 basis of the popular rebellion, which was provoked by the police
 attacks against the striking miners.

1) Milsoevich is not my hero.  The Yugoslav peoiple are my hero.
Milsoevich's government (I perfer not to focus on individuals) has done
something few other governments have done: it has resisted the US onslaught
for ten years.  It has also been the focus of a huge destablization campaign
involving literally thousands of paid peoplke.  An entire appartus of
newspapers, tv stations, radio stations, and a socre of organizations and
poltiical parties has spent vast sums of US and German money trying to
destablize a Yugoslavia attacked in every way from without.  Indeed, the new
Yugo is slated to be a colony of Germany.  Germany is the main creditor;
Djindjic is very close to the Germany secret police; the German mark is to be
the basis of the currency; the first big project is to rebuild the danube
bridges at Yugop expense using outside companies to help Germany.  So, this
being a joint Germkan and US project, I think those Americans and Germans who
support this great revolution should thank our governments for putting a few
hundred millkion US into funding it.  (Workers do need those trinkets, ya

Anyway, this aint over yet Mr. Luk.  With any luck, you will be able to visit
you dear DOS friends. If they are lucky, in jail.

Isn;t it amazing that those who baited the Yugos as committers of atrocities
now love the very paramilitaries that Milsoevich jailed in Kosovo and who
were the vanguagrd of Luk's  "worker's revolt".. Here';s a translation from
the AFP. (We translated two thirds of the article - the final part is all
about a happy celbration of the coup, so we skipped that, we were getting
nauseous. Here's the meat:

The Mayor Cacak  Affirms Having OVerthrown Milosevic
Cacak 8 October, 2000  AFP

The Mayor  of Cacak, Verlimir Illic, states that he led a "commando" of more
than 2000 men which was  the basis of the assault on Thrusday of the
Parliament and the Television station in Belgrade. It was  premediated act
according to him with the objective of triggering the downfall of Slobodan
This asssault took place in front of the Federal parliament at the time when
several hundred thousand people were there in an act of civil disobedience.

"Our action was preapred well in advance.  Among my men there were
ex-parachusetts, ex officers of the army and the police as well as people who
have fought in special forces," he said in Cacak to jounalists including AFP.
"A number of us had bullet proof vests and we were armed,"said he.  "Our
objective was very clear.  Take control of key institutions of the regime
including the Parliament and the Television station.  '

He insured that "Vojislav Kostunica was in no way knowledgable of this
action."… We feared that he might oppose it."

During these confrontations contacts were maintained regularly with senior
members of the army and the police which had already deserted Milosevic, the
Mayor stated in this city in the center of Serbia.

"I was constantly on the telephone with a  General of the Army as with as
well as with part of the hierarchy of the Minsitry of the Interior.  For the
moment I prefer not to mention their names," he stated.

With regards to the first  scenes of fraternization beween demonstrators and
police officers which gave courage and hope to the large majority of the
demonstrators and led to destablizing forces which were still faithful to
Milosevich. Mr. Illic smiled before revealing the secret.

"Those were our men dressed as police officers or in the unifroms of police
officers."  Villic said that he wished to emphasize the anti-communist
background of his family. "My father was hanged by the reds in 1943." During
the bombings by NATO against Yugoslavia in the spring of 1999 he was watched
by the military police because he refused to be moblized and he hid for 40
days in a forest reinforcing his image as a rebel.  In civilian clothes, two
ex parachutests, Mr. Illic's body gaurds, are guarding him in front of his
officer.   Vivan Markovic, 32 years old, and Mihailo Nikolic, 29 years old,
were watching over the mayor, "our hero" they say, during these violetn

"On arriving in belgrade it was hot stuff.  We had to go through two road
barriers erected by the police on the road to Belgrade," said Vivan.

"Before leaving Cacak, we asembled the local people to tell them that we were
going to die or come back victorious," said Mihailo, with emotion. "We lost
all battles which Milosevich brought us into, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and
Kosovo against NATO.  But we won the war against our monster," said Mihailo.
 In the hear t of  Serbia, in the streets of Cacak, the atmosphere is
festive, etc. etc. [The remainder is decriptions of festivity.]

Note that this story has received almost no publicity.  Also, the English
version (we translated this from French) leagves out important details.  Real
workers revolt.


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