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Hi Lou:

A few points on the democratic revolution in Yugoslavia, related to Jose's
reply to my earlier post, about which I will write more later.

1. Whatever Milosovic did, he should never, under any circumstances be
extradited - nor should any other Yugoslav leader.

2. The current leadership of the democratic revolution is brougeois, and as
proimperialist as Milosevic.

3. No bourgeois leadership - anywhere in the world today, including my
neighbor Hugo Chaves - is anti-imperalist. At the best, they differ over
how good a deal they should bargain for.

4. It is true that imperialims was united in getting rid of Milosoveic -
and that the war against Yugoslavia propelled the revolution to take place.

When a country loses a war, no matter who it loses to, revolutions are a
common consequence.

Milosevic led his country into defeat. No doubt the odds were against
Yugoslavia - but Milosoveic fromt he begining played into the hands of
Croatian, Bosnian, Slovenian, and Serbian nationalism - and thus into the
hands of dismembering Yugoslavia.

Revolutions happened after the Malvinas, this is what happened to the Czar
when Russia lost to Germany, this is what happened in Germany when it lost
to the USA, France, and England. This is what happened to the Czar after
Russia lost to Japan, etc.

Not that revolutions always happen - nor that they ussually succeed - but
they are a frequent consequence of losing a war.

Democratic revolutions can be the beginings of socialist revolutions - but
ussually are not.

This democratic revolution in Yugoslavia is not likely to lead to a renewal
of socialist revolution.

Why? Because Milosovevic, and the Titoists before him, disorganized the
working class, and spent decades lowering its level of consicouness. Why,
because Stalinism accomplished this same feat on a world scale.

The best that I hope for in Yugoslavia - is for a revolutionary current to

Where might it emerge? Among the supports of Milosovic? Not likely. But
maybe among the disgruntled ranks fo the Socialist party in the factories -
who want to defend them against privatization and sale to Peugeot and other
imperialist ventures. Certainly among the ranks of workers who already left
the Socialist party.

Why should we go back to February from October. This is not a choice we
make - the Soviet Union does not exist, and for that matter, neither does

I think what we need to do is go forward from the new February's - and
there are several in progress, to the new Octobers.


Louis Proyect
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