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EOC>>> Exactly what it says. Pathfinder Press is threatening to sue
EOC>>> the Marxists' Internet Archive and demanding that we remove
EOC>>> certain of Trotsky's works from our archive.
LW>>     "Certain" -- does that mean "some" or "all"?
JRF> "Some", as in:
     That is those works where Pathfinder Press holds the rights to
the translation. The rights to the original works are, as I said in a
previous message, owned by the heir of Marguerite Bonnet in Paris.

     Look at this item:

JRF> >
JRF> > 5.      Trotsky, "On the Events in Dublin," taken from New
JRF> > International No. 1
JRF> >

     which I had seem some weeks ago on the MIA web site, where the
MIA editors give "New International" No. 1 as the source. The
introductory note to the publication there says that this article "is
published here in English for the first time, translated by Brian
Pearce. ... copyright 1983 by the Anchor Foundation, Inc. Reprinted by

     So, according to the international copyright law, Anchor
foundation (another impersonation of 408 Printing and Publishing) owns
the rights to this translation until 70 years after the death of the
translator. In case that this Brian Pearce would have died right after
his work, the copyright would be protected until the year 2053, so in
all probability even longer.

   Note well, that Pathfinder Press claims the right only to this
translation, not to the original work. The MIA editors are free to
make their own translation and put it on their web site. They would
have to arrange the rights to the original work with the heir of
Marguerite Bonnet, though, who is holding the copyright to it until
the year 2010, 70 years after the murder of Leon Trotsky by a
stalinist gangster.

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