New "revolutionary" Yugo managers seek to make plants moreprofitable

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Louis Proyect wrote:

> Los Angeles Times, October 13, 2000, Friday, Home Edition
> >One of the ways Milosevic tried to buy support among his >impoverished
> >people was by using price controls to keep down the cost of basic >foods
> >such as milk and cooking oil.

Exactly. That is why anti-Milosovic conspiracy theory put by some on the left
and anarchists that argues that the US has been keeping Milosovic in power does
not make any sense. US never wanted Milosovic, because he did not fully
negotiate to implement a program of economic liberalization. This pissed off
the US. Now,  the US has the opposition on its side, so they can plunder the
country. Yugo is moving towards capitalism *not* because of Milo, but despite
Milo. This is a matter of US imperialism.

I liked the article-- full of empirical evidences..


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