Sharon, spearhead of the terrorist state

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Fri Oct 13 02:46:48 MDT 2000

Ariel Sharon's record of terrorism precedes the massacre at the
Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila when he was Israeli
Defense Minister.  He led the slaughter at Kibya (Qibya) in the wee
hours of  14-15 October 1953 in one of many "collective punishments" and
terror expropriations that is the history of the creation of Israel. IDF
Unit 101 killed around 70 people that night, mostly women and children.
Moshe Dayan said the Kibya action was good for morale.  And so it

Haganah Major Moshe Dayan’s blitz massacre at Lydda on 11 July 1948 slew
all in its way. “The corpses of men, women and even children [were]
strewn about in the wake of the ruthlessly brilliant charge,” reported
Kenneth Bilby of The New York Herald Tribune at the time.  Dayan had
personally chosen his recruits “including a contingent of Stern Gang
terrorists.”  Hundreds of people sought refuge in the Dahmash Mosque
where they were told they would be safe, and where they were
machine-gunned, leaving over eighty corpses to rot there in the masjid
for ten days in the July heat.  In _1948 and After_, Benny Morris
reported that two to four Israeli soldiers were killed and approximately
a dozen were wounded at Lydda; he continued that there were more than
250 Arab casualties, plus more died on the refugee route east.  Robert
Slater’s 1991 tome _Warrior Statesman: The Life of Moshe Dayan_ failed
to mention the gory details of the Lydda episode.

US TV news expressed horror at the mob execution of the 2 Israeli
soldiers in Ramallah, and showed the retaliation from the air, but
viewers were left wondering (I hope) if there any casualties after the
IAF rocketed that police station, or after the assault on Arafat's
compound, or the strafing of Gaza ?  The Israelis said they were
"sending a message."  The media directs attention in one direction and
ignores others.

The Israeli representative on PBS Lehrer Newshour chastized the
Palestinian for bringing up Sharon's role in the current round of
violence, declaring that it was incumbent on the Palestinians to stop
the violence.  (I am continually amazed at such chutzpah!)  She said
Sharon was only expressing himself; the Arabs started the violence.  How
many hundreds of Palestinians have the Israelis killed now since
Sharon's armed take-over? More expression, I guess.  More "messages" ?

What is this, has the Israeli propaganda apparat gone PoMo ?

Armed take-over is freedom of expression allowed only to Jews.
Messages are expressions.
Palestinians cannot communicate with the Israelis.
Do they need to send more messages?
Perhaps there was a messenger in Yemen...

I second what someone said earlier:
no solution until socialism in the holey land.
Then there will be "a light unto all nations."

--Chris Brady

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