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Sorry there's not much time on this one.  I just got in myself.



October 11, 2000.

  To all American Jews whose voices are not being heard as the news media
 claim that American Jews support the means being used to suppress
 Palestinian protests by the Israeli military and police:

  The following letter from American Jews will be sent to President
 Clinton on October 13. To add your name, send an email with your name,
 occupation & organization (for identification purposes only), city and
 state by 1 pm Eastern time on the 13th to:

 stopisraeligovernmentviolence at yahoo.com



 Press contacts: Allegra Pacheco, 617-496-1603
  Simona Sharoni, 360-867-6196

  President Bill Clinton
  The White House

  Dear Mr. President:

  As American Jews, we write out of urgent concern for the safety of
 Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation and Palestinian
 citizens of Israel, and urgent concern that the United States has neglected
 its obligation to use its influence with the Government of Israel to
 protect Palestinian lives.

  In particular, we are concerned by:

 excessive use of force by the Israeli military in suppressing Palestinian
 protests arming and encouraging of Israeli settlers in the West Bank to
 carry out vigilante actions against Palestinian civilians
 reports of pogroms against Palestinian citizens of Israel by Jewish mobs,
 acting with the assistance of the Israeli police. the failure of the United
 States Government to condemn these actions or to take concrete steps to
 bring them to a halt.
  Under international law, Israel is the controlling legal power for all
 of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, and therefore responsible for the
 security of the population. The United States, as the principal financial,
 military, diplomatic and political backer of the Israeli government, has
 the responsibility to act to guarantee compliance with international law by
 the Israeli government.

  We urgently call on the U.S. government and your Administration to
 take all necessary measures to insure the compliance of the Israeli
 government with its obligations to protect the Palestinian population.

  Initial Signers...

  Allegra Pacheco, Human Rights Lawyer
  Simona Sharoni, Professor, Peace Studies, Evergreen State College
  Vivian Stromberg, Executive Director, MADRE, New York City
  Yifat Susskind, MADRE
  Kathy Engel, MADRE
  Barbara Lubin, Director, Middle East Children's Alliance
  Phyllis Bennis, Fellow, Institute for Policy Studies, Washington DC
  Noam Chomsky, Linguist, MIT
  Michael Albert, co-editor, Z Magazine
  Robert Weissman, Editor, Multinational Monitor
  Dean Baker, Economist, CEPR, Washington, DC
  Mark Weisbrot, Economist, CEPR, Washington, DC
  Jaron Bourke, Policy Analyst, Washington, DC
  Robert Naiman, Policy Analyst, CEPR, Washington, DC

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