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Friday, October 13th, 2000

Middle East: On the brink of the abyss
Socialist revolution the only way out

The attack by a suicide squad on an American warship in Yemen, and that
Israeli planes have bombed Palestinian cities represents a serious turn
in the situation which seems to be spiralling out of control. The Arab
regimes will be under extreme pressure from the masses. they may be
afraid of being overthrown if they remain passive. The situation is so
explosive that any spark might set off a conflict. It is doubtful now to
what extent any of the principal players are really in control of events.
America and Europe are applying pressure for a compromise. But what sort
of compromise is possible now?

If there is a war in the Middle East it will have the gravest
consequences. The price of oil would go through the ceiling, and that
would spell the end of the boom. That is one reason why the West is so
anxious. On the other hand, a military defeat would be the start of
revolution in Egypt, Syria and throughout the Middle East. This would be
a decisive turning point.

The only way out of the present impasse is on the basis of a
revolutionary movement of the workers and youth, fighting for a Socialist
Federation of the Middle East.

By Alan Woods and Fred Weston
London, 13.10.00

- Palestine Socialist Students Solidarity Campaign

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