Don't be fooled by Yugo Coup "Government" Posturing

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Fri Oct 13 10:27:20 MDT 2000

Mr. Willms wrote:

> Your slanders are really disgusting. Your have to
>make up your mind, if you want to defend the
>(working) people of Yugoslavia against imperialist
>pressure, including the right to form a government as
>the people of Yugoslavia themselves want to build, or
> if you want to defend the stalinist gangsterism of
>Milosevic against the people of Yugoslavia.

Sorry but you make mistake. You call counter revoltion
as worker revoltion. Counter revoltion may also
have worker but it is not proltarian revoltion. You
use word stalinist gangstrism for Milosvic just like
capitalist and imperilism do. The hate for Stalin
blind many so-call left people, people who are
anarchist and follower of Trotsky. This hate for
Stalin also common with capitalist and imperilist.

> Just note that your hero himself has recognized >Kostunica as the  new president of
>Yugoslavia. And >please note that Kostunica is in office not by his >election
>victory, which nobody denies, but on the
> basis of the popular rebellion, which was provoked >by the police attacks against
>the striking miners.

But new president of Yugoslovia is agent of imperilism.
And it was not poplar rebelion - it was coup de etat.
That is clear. Here you support counter revoltion
and also imperilism because of weakness to
understand contradiction. And also of no material
analysis of Soviet collaspe. But only use subjective
word like stalinist burucracy and so on. Deep
theoretical mistake.


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