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Norman Mikalac wrote:

> mine, isn't this another example of how govt interference in production
> results in substandard output?
> norm

Yes, overall, state protection of textile industry in Egypt was necessary for
achieving economics of scale  (increased output)

Also, Norm, keep in mind that the article is written from a business point of
view. Thus, it views public enterprises as inefficient monopolies that reduce
the "competitiveness of their products in international markets". With that
said, during my comparative study of privatization in Egypt and Argentina at
grad school here,  I could not find a good study illustrating why the private
sector can be as insulated from competition as a public sector is. If the
rationale for privatization is competition and efficiency, this is done on the
basis of protecting the interests of the business class as a hegemonic group.
Competition discourse of liberal economics ("formal freedom of the market") is
an ideological cover for this.



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> > http://www.businesstoday-eg.com/
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> > Business Today Egypt Online  September 2000
> >
> > Textiles and Apparel: Stitching It Together by Fariba Khorasanizadeh
> >


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