Re.: Chomsky cheers the popular uprising in Serbia: Noam Chomskyon Serbia

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Fri Oct 13 17:51:44 MDT 2000

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>chris_brady at writes:
><< ut his solutions
> are typically anarchist, or as he sometimes refers to them "libertarian
> socialist."  He is always anti-state, no matter the state of the state. >>
>BUt do anarachist support Imperail state interventions, which this so
>obviously is?  And why does Chonmsky, who denounced Serb apramilkitaries for
>years, accused he Serbs of atrocities (NOT the same way he talked about the
>KLA, by the way) - why does he now gloroify a putsch led by - paramilitaries?
>He is not, in my opinion an anarchist.  He is a former critic of US policy
>who is now a semi-apologist.
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Chomsky seems unable to see that autonomy and self-government --
fundamental principles of anarchism -- are impossible under imperial


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