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> << ut his solutions
>  are typically anarchist, or as he sometimes refers to them "libertarian
>  socialist."  He is always anti-state, no matter the state of the state. >>
> >But do anarachist support Imperail state interventions,

Unintentionally may be, but yes...

In my view, Xxxx's remarks on Chomsky were quite on target. I too agree that
libertarian socialism--anarchism-- shares the philosophical assumptions of
classical liberals such as Smith and Jefferson who strongly underlie the
"inalienability of individual rights". These rights are the rights of the
strongest under capitalism where the imperial domination by the core prevails.
Accordingly, it is meaningless to talk about "individuality" without paying
attention to the political economy of the world system. Part of the problem with
Chomsky lies in the fact that despite his critic of the US foreign policy in
general, his overall anti-state position prevents him from respecting the
struggles of imperialized states _against_ imperial states. He has a pessimistic
view of the state, whatever the form is.   This is where the apologetic discourse
of "totalitarian/evil socialist regimes" steps in.

> >He is not, in my opinion an anarchist.  He is a former critic of US >policy
> >who is now a semi-apologist.
> >Best regards,
> >Jared

True. His semi-apology is _because of_ his anarchism.




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