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Since I hadn't heard from Abu Nasr -- and going back I found he had also not
written to the Marxism List -- in a fairly long time, I sent an email to him
earlier today asking him if he could comment on the epochal current events.
FYI, this is his reply to me which just came in.  I haven't had the time yet
to look at the Abunimah Web site he mentions.  But I've heard from an
anti-Zionist Jewish friend that it's really quite good and worth a look.


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Dear Jay!

Sorry for my silence.  It is a busy time.  Just e-mail piles up to 150 a day
and that requires a lot of rough treatment; I don't have time to go through
them one by one.  So I miss things.

For news we have the on line articles plus private sources.  Although the
leftist paper as-Safir used to quote the PFLP people from time to time,
it has not so exactly what their take is on minor issues is unclear most of
the time, though we can guess pretty well: for the contiunation of the
intifada ahd against any sell-out talks.

Do you get any of the material from Ali Abunimah? or the Free Arab Voice?

Check out www.abunimah.org and subscribe to him.  He seems to have time to
write several letters and analyses every day and they are very good.  Plus
conveys some eyewitness reports from the front lines.  Free Arab voice is
rarely sending out things.

I'm sorry for not contributing more, I'll try to do better by you comrades!

Revolutionary greetings!

Abu Nasr

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