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jay Moore wrote:

>  >But I've heard from an
> >anti-Zionist Jewish friend that it's really quite good and worth a look.

This is VERY important. One of the names mentioned in the petition campaign
against Israeli bombing was Israeli feminist Simona Sharoni, who is also a
political activist. Recently, I have read an article by her in a book edited by
Deniz Kandiyoti, Turkish Jew feminist, entitled as _Gendering the Middle East_.
In her article, Sharoni draws attention to the Isreali and Palestinian women's
resistances to Isreali occupation of Palestine. She criticizes the fact that
this progressive allience was unnoticed in the Isreali press, and whenever it
was mentioned by chance, it was considered to be a "feminine thing'. Sharoni
underlies the hyper masculanized and milatarized nature of the international
media (and its orientalist view of the Palestianian women)  during the signing
of the Isreali-Palestinian accord in 1993 as follows:

"Ever since the Madrid conference, the international media naturalized the
absence of women at the negotiation tables by turning Hana Mikhail-Ashwari, the
spokeswoman of the Palestenian delegation, into a media celebrity. Instead of
calling attention  to the striking absence of women involved in the
negotiations, most accounts portrayed Ashwrawi as an exception, focusing on her
intelligence, eloquence and Western dress and education. Implicit in this
representation was the assumption that  talented, capable, westernized  women
who understand the political game and learn how to play it do have a place and a
voice in the arena of international politics. What most media accounts  failed
to recognize however was that Ashwari, like Zahira Kemal and Suad Ameri, the
other two women in the Palestinian delegation, earned their places in the
delegation due to the ongoing struggles of Palestinian women throughout the West
Bank and Gaza Strip, especially since the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising,
known as the Intifada, in December 1987" (p.109).

Evidently, this is a critical time to form strategic alliences between the
Isreali left, (and progressive/anti-Zionist Jews in general) and the
Palestinians. We need to pass the test of anti-semitism and anti-Arabism BOTH in
order to fight against anti-imperalism and racism.


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