Re.: Sharon, spearhead of the terrorist state

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Sat Oct 14 03:26:05 MDT 2000

Further to my observation:
"The Israeli representative on PBS Lehrer Newshour chastized the
Palestinian for bringing up Sharon's role in the current round of
violence, declaring that it was incumbent on the Palestinians to stop
the violence.  (I am continually amazed at such chutzpah!)  She said
Sharon was only expressing himself; the Arabs started the violence..."

here is a report from the Palestine Times <>:

"Sharon made the visit in defiance of Muslim sensibilities and in utter
disregard of warnings that the visit could spark unpredictable violence
and bloodshed.

"On Friday, the Zionist regime deployed over 4,000 policemen to and
around the Haram al-Sharif, and as soon as Muslims finished their
congregational prayer, the Zionists began firing randomly at the

"One elderly man, who was hit in the nose, said, “As soon as I said
finished my prayer, saying Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah…I was hit
with a bullet.”

"At least eight worshipers were martyred by Zionist bullets and scores
of people were injured, some seriously..."

How's that for "expression" comrades ?
Maybe some might call the current round of bloodshed a "discussion",
but it looks more like a "monologue",
or a "harangue"...
if words could kill.

Chris Brady

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