Serbian Gangster Capitalism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Oct 14 06:42:16 MDT 2000

> A sensible move in Serbia now would be to call an all-Yugoslav congress of
>strike committees with delegates from each - or am I off in the clouds
> Owen

Owen, you have to stop treating revolutionary politics like the way sports
are treated on NYC's WFAN radio station: vicariously.

Josh (host): Let's hear from Jerry on Staten Island. What's on your mind,

Jerry: Josh, whatever the Yankees do in the playoffs, they need pitching
for next year. Cone is finished. El Duque is probably closer to 40 than 30.
Roger Clemens is 37. They gotta get some youth in the starting rotation.
I'd trade Chuck Knoblauch for a good young left-handed starter.

Josh: You make good points, Jerry, but you gotta remember that it is only
the working class that makes history, including baseball history. For these
trades to be meaningful, you'll have to open the books in George
Steinbrenner's back office and check his true profits. If he refuses to
open the books, then I'd call for a general assembly of the trade unions to
call for nationalization of professional baseball.

Louis Proyect
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