On Avoiding Cubby Hole Thinking, Chomsky Discussion as Case in Point

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>  True. His semi-apology is _because of_ his anarchism.
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> >Isn't it it more useful to evaluate the role of a public figure by >proceeding
> >from what he actually does (which in the case of a writer means: what >he
> >actually says) rather than pre-judging  the particulars of what he >does by
> >some label which he applies to himself or which others apply to him?

Well, I agree with your points, but I don't think that I prejudge Chomsky by some
*label* of anarchism or attribute a nick name to him he does not represent.  Chom
is already known to be an anarchist. In other words, what Chomsky actually says
and writes about the domestic politics of  Yugoslavia is perfectly *consistent*
with the anarchist tradition he is a part of--left libertarianism, anti-statism,
communitarian individualism,  anarcho-syndicalism, denial of  political authority,
lack of confidence in socialism, etc.. (which I explained in my previous post.
Before me, Xxxx and Jim F. also expressed their views in that direction).

There are certain philosophical assumptions behind what makes an anarchist who
s(he) is.

I agree with you that Chomsky needs to be criticized for giving concessions to US
imperialism when he cheers the opposition and popular uprising against the
Socialist Party  in Yugo. This is actually what he *defends* in his recent article
I  posted on the list.  With that said, whatever he says is not surprising to me.
Anarchists are well known to counter-revolutionary and defending the status quo,
unlike socialists who still believe in some form of governance in the interest of

Remember the anarchist figure in Emil Zola's novel _Germinal_, a man who was
advising the socialists to give up striking against capitalist bosses because
strikes would not bring any gains to workers. .

The movie is more striking though.





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