Serbian Gangster Capitalism

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Sat Oct 14 09:03:38 MDT 2000

En relación a Serbian Gangster Capitalism,
el 14 Oct 00, a las 13:20, Owen Jones dijo:

>  Extremely interesting article. I hope Louis and other like-minded
>  comrades
> will read it very carefully and perhaps reconsider their analysis of
> Serbia as a form of workers' state faced with counterrevolution.

No, dear Owen, I do not consider Yugoslavia (not yet Serbia, not yet
Serbia and Montenegro, as the US Department of State has already
commanded the world over!) a form of workers' state. I simply know
that wherever (repeat WHEREVER) there are imperialist troops (and
imperialist journalism are an important component of those troops) on
the one side, and a small nation on the other, a revolutionary must,
UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, side with the small nation. This is what you
call "vulgar anti-imperialism", and in fact it is simply Lenin and
Trotsky (not to say Marx and Engels) on the national question in the
semicolonial world.

A world I am afraid I have not been able to expose conveniently to
your piercing but in this case somehow blurred young eyes...

Blame on yours truly, of course.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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