On Avoiding Cubby Hole Thinking, Chomsky Discussion as Case in Point

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Sat Oct 14 09:22:13 MDT 2000

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> A major failure of left wing thinking today is that it attempts to
> derive the particular from the general, instead of the other way
> around.

There is a good lesson in Jared's posting, which is summed up in
these lines. As Goethe said, "when we only speak of methodologies, it
is because we do not know of realities".

I however believe that Jared understands that this is a two-way
process, where the particular and the general define each other and
generate concrete knowledge. At this particular moment of time and on
this particular site of debate, yes, I believe that factual research
is strongly necessary. This research would yield little result,
however, if we do not put the facts in contact with theories and, for
example, imagine ways to pierce the fog not of "lies" (Jared is
extraordinarily able at this) but "ideologies", which means an
understanding of the inner workings of mind by which certain facts
are massively considered uninteresting while others are raised as

We should thus expose the political stances of our opponents, AND
also frame those stances in a comprehensive understanding of the ways
the minds of their followers work, in order to get to them and bring
them to our side. Well, that's the way I think at least.

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