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Sat Oct 14 13:13:57 MDT 2000

First of all, I want to thank Abu Nasr for his willingness to broach
what he considers a side issue such as what the attitude of
Palestinians should be towards Jews at the very moment that hundreds
of his folkspeople are suffering one of the most brutal aggressions a
people has been subject to. I am a bit ashamed to have turned his
attention to this issue, and at the same time I feel proud that he
has considered it important to deal with it. I also want to state
(for the sake of newcomers) that I agree with Abu Nasr's approach.
The Palestinians are giving the world a lesson in dignity. Israelis
will not defeat them, never. They are the Pasionaria of modern times,
such as the Cubans. Now, on to the issue.

En relación a Re: Re.: Sharon, spearhead of the terrorist state,
el 14 Oct 00, a las 11:14, Abu Nasr dijo:

> On a related topic, there has been talk on this list that the
> Palestinians need to do more to distinguish between Jews and Zionists.
>  Well, quite honestly, although the important distinction does indeed
> exist and should always be kept in mind, I don't know why this issue
> is being raised now.  Has someone heard of a progressive Israeli Jew
> being wrongfully assaulted or victimised by Palestinians?  I don't
> think that would be applauded even by Hamas.  Just now I looked at the
> BBC website and saw a picture of a joint demonstration in New York of
> Muslims and Hasidic Jews against the Zionists. They are cooperating.
> They are not fighting each other.  It really is not complicated for
> the Palestinians to understand this.  And they do understand it.

I brought the issue to the lists' attention, because of what I had
heard yesterday night. I heard a Palestinian representative abroad,
my friend Suhail Akel, referring to the "Jews" in general, not to
"Zionists". [It is not a personal issue, by the way. I can always
give Suhail a telephone call, and if he has the time to answer he
will tell me "Of course, ruso, this was not intended to be said of
people such as you!"]. My concern is with the fact that in so doing
the official representative of the Palestinians for Argentina is
giving fodder to the everpresent machine of slanders managed by the
Zionist clique and the press people who follow its lead.

> I'm sure, for example, that there are plenty of criticisms
> progressives could also make of predominant Palestinian patriarchal
> family practices and the problems regarding attitudes towards leaders,
> or economic dependence, or relgion, or the role of women.  Why aren't
> more girls throwing stones?  Why aren't more little girls being shot
> instead of mostly boys?  for example? Such issues are not wrong
> theoretically, but right now, it is Palestinian and Arab unity in
> struggle that must be striven for, and abroad there is a need for
> solidarity with the Intifada.  If somebody sees an incident of
> Palestinian "anti-Semitism" please raise it for discussion.

I don't worry about such a thing as Palestinian "anti-Semitism", my
dear and admired comrade Abu. I am afraid I did not express myself
well enough. I am worried about a secondary issue that may provide
the Zionists with more weapons than they already have.

> Quite honestly, the criterion for a non-Zionist, progressive Jew is a
> Jew who supports the Palestinian struggle for self-determination and
> the Palestinian aspiration for a secular democratic state of
> Palestine, and calls for the end of the "Jewish state."  Unfortunately
> very few Israeli Jews fall into that category.  Some do.  Of course
> there should be unity with them.  But they are very marginal to
> "Israeli" society.  Even Hamas which espouses a religious worldview,
> quotes Noam Chomsky and other progressives of Jewish origin, so this
> is really not an issue in dispute.

I was thinking of Jews in the Diaspora, Abu. Those Jews are always
easy prey for Zionist propaganda, they are one of the many
battlefields where the Palestinian struggle must be waged. Of course,
those like me do not have an inch of a doubt as to where the truth
is. The other ones are the target.


> I suppose this issue of distinguishing between Jews and Zionists is
> raised so prominently now on this list because it is primarily a
> discussion among Marxists outside the region where there are many Jews
> in militant Marxist circles.  Here it has an urgency perhaps that it
> simply dosen't have on the battlefields of Palestine itself right now,

No, I don't mind Marxist Jews who, if they are Leninists, are simply
FOR the Palestinians. My own concern, I repeat, is the mass of Jews
where the Zionists dwell on. In my own country, for example, although
the Jewish community is dwindling, it has a strong influence in the
intellectual media. It would be a mistake to leave them at the mercy
of the Zionists, as an appeal to fight against "Jews" in general may
imply. Don't forget the bombings of the AMIA and the Israel Embassy
in Argentina, which have been very keenly managed by the Zionists to
spark a wave of fear among the whole Jewish community.


> Yesterday the Iraqi newsagency published a call from the Pan-Arab
> leadership of the Arab Socialist Baath Party to regard all official
> representatives of the USA in the Arab world as enemies and treat them
> accordingly.  Now, maybe some of those [...]
>  who work under the US flag are decent individuals
> or possibly even progressives who just couldn't get work elsewhere.
> Should we unite with them?  Theoretically, yes.  But realistically the
> Iraqi call is what makes practical sense on the ground.  This is not a
> dinner party.  This is war.  People need to pick sides and be prepared
> for the consequences.

Again, this is war, not a dinner party, and we completely agree. But
there are many battlefields for this war. You have the main and
decissive one in the Middle East. War actions there, particularly the
heroic and dignifying war actions by the mass of the Palestinian
youth, are of a clear character. But there are side battles the world
over. One of the great things with this upsurge is that the Israelis
have lost the mediatic battle, at least at the beginning. Care in the
kind of message that is sent towards these media is essential, it is
also a war device. It would be a pity if such a battle were lost,
even though it is not the main battle it is an important one. And, in
the end, the only one in which yours truly, as a Jewish Argentinian
can (and is eager to) engage.

With all my admiration to the Palestinian people, and with all my
respect to our comrade Abu Nasr,

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at

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