"I swear that he is the greatest terrorist of all"

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Everyone ought to get a kick out of this one. I found this in a transcript
of an interview that Salman Rushdie did with Edward Said back in 1986 ("On
Palestinian Identity: A Conversation with Edward Said," in Salman Rushdie,
*Imaginary Homelands: Essays and Criticism 1981-91*, London: Penguin,
1991). During the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, the Israelis used to
put captured Palestinian guerrillas on the air for propaganda purposes.
During the interview from which the following excerpt was taken, the
guerrilla turned the tables on the interviewer, satirizing the entire
counterinsurgent worldview mercilessly -- without the interviewer catching
on. The Palestinians in Beirut made a recording of the whole show and
played it back as a way of entertaining people. Rarely does one run across
such an exemplary case of a human being keeping his or her sense of humor
under the most brutal of circumstances.

CAPTURED PALESTINIAN: Ahmed Abdul Hamid Abu Site.
ISRAELI: What is your movement name?
PALESTINIAN: My movement name is Abu Lell [which in English means Father of
Night, with a rather threatening, horrible sound to it].
ISRAELI: Tell me, Mr. Abu Lell, to which terrorist organization do you belong?
PALESTINIAN: I belong to the Popular Front for the Liberation . . . I mean
terrorization of Palestine.
ISRAELI: And when did you get involved in the terrorist organization?
PALESTINIAN: When I first became aware of terrorism.
ISRAELI: What was your mission in South Lebanon?
PALESTINIAN: My mission was terrorism. In other words, we would enter
villages and just terrorize the occupants. And whenever there were women
and children in particular, we would terrorize everything, and all we did
was terrorism.
ISRAELI: And did you practice terrorism out of belief in a cause or just
for money?
PALESTINIAN: No, just for money. What kind of cause is this anyway? Is
there still a cause? We sold out a long time ago.
ISRAELI: Tell me . . . where do the terrorist organizations get their money?
PALESTINIAN: From anyone who has spare money for terrorism.
ISRAELI: What is your opinion of the terrorist Arafat?
PALESTINIAN: I swear that he is the greatest terrorist of all. He is one
who sold us and the cause out. His whole life is terrorism.
ISRAELI: What is your opinion of the way in which the Israeli Defense
Forces have conducted themselves?
PALESTINIAN: On my honor, we thank the Israeli Defense Forces for their
good treatment of each terrorist.
ISRAELI: Do you have any advice for other terrorists, who are still
terrorizing the IDF?
PALESTINIAN: My advice to them is to surrender their arms to the IDF. What
they will find their is the best possible treatment.
ISRAELI: Lastly, Mr. Terrorist, would you like to send a message to your
PALESTINIAN: I would like to assure my family and friends that I am in good
health. I would also like to thank the enemy broadcasting facility for
letting me speak out like this.
ISRAELI: You mean the Voice of Israel?
PALESTINIAN: Yes, yes, sir. Thank you, sir. Yes of course, sir.

John Lacny

Louis Proyect
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