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Abu Nasr abu-nasr at SPAMusa.net
Sat Oct 14 13:29:28 MDT 2000

Dear Comrade Julio!

I wouldn't say the PFLP is moribund.  It is small and marginalized but not
dead.  The left shouldn't entirely be dismissed.  By the way, the "left" to
some extent also means the Arab Nationalists who are also secularists.

But even Hamas would not be opposed to building unity with Jewish individuals
opposed to Zionism.  It regularly quotes critics of "Israel" who are of Jewish
origin in its website.  But there are so few of them, that they really have no
impact on Zionist society.  Recent polls indicate that if there were an
election in "Israel" now, Netanyahu would win by 58 percent -- a landslide by
divided Zionist standards.  Netanyahu's platform is of course the iron fist,
and although that is Barak's practice too, the reason the Zionist populace is
ready to vote for Netanyahu is that their reaction to the Palestinian uprising
is not to ask themselves, "how can we come to terms with the natives of this
land from whom we stole it?" but "how can we beat the crap out of these Arab

When the Algerians fought for independence against the French in the 1950s and
1960s, Arabs welcomed the statements by Jean Paul Sartre and other French
intellectuals opposed to "their" government's colonial policy.  Sartre even
went to Cairo and met with Nasser.  But how popular was Sartre among the
French Colons in Algeria?  How popular would calls for Arab French working
class unity against the French colonial regime have been among those Colons?
Not massively popular, I dare say.

It's fine to raise such calls for Arab-Jewish working class solidarity against
Zionism, but frankly, it makes no sense to hold you fire while you wait for
the anti-Zionist Jewish masses in "Israel" to come over to your side of the
barricades.  Not many over there are listening.

With revolutionary greetings!

Abu Nasr

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