What is their position now? Hamas criticizes Washington's stand on Kosovo tragedy

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Hi Comrade  Abu Nasr!

Do you know the current policy of radical Islamic organizations such as
Hamas and Hizbullah towards NATO agression in Yugoslavia and opposition
to Milosovic regime? At the time when ethnic war broke out, I remember
that they were sending their troops to Bosnia and Kosova to protect
Bosnian Muslims, agitating the Muslim public opinion against *Serbia
massacres* as well as criticizing the US for keeping Milosovic in power.
I also remember that the Islamic party in Turkey--Welfare Party (now
_Virtue_)-- joined the forces of US "humanitarian aid"  by sending money
and human power to Bosnians.

I could not find reliable info on the net about Islamic radical view of
new elections in Yugo. Do you know any?

I think Hamas must be comparing Milosovic regime to what Isreali has
done  to Palestianians. It seems to me that the apologetic aspect of
this view is that Isreali is and has been an imperialist state (ally of
the US),  whereas Yugo never been!

Here is an old info I found.

revolutionary cheers,




Hamas criticizes Washington's stand on Kosovo tragedy

Palestine, Politics, 4/3/99

The Palestinian Hamas movement criticized yesterday the position of the
United States of America towards the situation in Kosovo, where ethnic
cleansing is taking place.

The movement released a statement that described  Washington's
intervention to settle the crisis as hiding under the slogans of human
rights to impose its power in the Balkans.

The movement's statement also condemned the bloody massacres of Serbia's
forces against the Moslems of Kosovo and demanded from the Arab and
Islamic countries quick moves so the misery of the Palestinian people
could not be repeated once more.

Thus, Hamas movement compared the Serbia massacres to what the Israelis
have done against the Palestinian people.


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